Pictures Wanted!

Our staff was so busy working and enjoying time with all the wonderful young actors this summer we didn't find time for taking photos! Please send your summer camp pictures to info@wacarts.com

Goodbye from Ms. Rebecca

Dear WACA Community,

In August of 2013 it was suggested to me by a local reporter that I start an organization dedicated to arts opportunities in Western Anne Arundel County. Having served on several boards in the past, I knew this would be a large undertaking and one that I couldn’t do alone. Amazingly, within a couple of weeks I found enough members to form our first board and West Arundel Creative Arts (WACA) was born. We set out to form an arts organization to meet the needs of the community. As the only non-profit arts organization in a community of over 200,000 people that was quite the task.

Thanks to the dedication of our entire board WACA was up and running with a few months. We were given a space in a small shopping strip to use until someone wanted to rent it. After close to a year, we had to leave, and another developer gave us a new space and a space after that. We finally needed to rent space at a local church and the costs associated almost ended WACA. Thanks to the support of local officials including Andrew Pruski, Pete Smith, Sid Saab, Pam Beidle, Mike Busch and more we were able to secure a lease in January 2017 on an unused county building.

Since that time, with the support of Mr. Pruski, Sarah Lacey, Steuart Pittman and others we have been able to keep the lease on our WACA Center for the Arts. Over the years we have held over one hundred classes and workshops, dozens of summer camps in the performing and visual arts, and 16 main stage productions. In addition, we have held cabarets, gallery shows, and have provided free support, classes, and performances for local schools, libraries and senior centers.

It has been quite literally a labor of love, sweat, blood and tears to start WACA and to keep it going these past 8 years. I have had a tremendous amount of support from board members, families, elected officials, and community members to maintain and grow WACA’s programs and opportunities. WACA is ever changing, and I believe it will grow into a fabulous organization that serves all ages and interests in both performing and visual arts.

Having said all of that I am sharing that I am moving overseas and will therefore been unable to manage WACA’s operations. I am confident that our remaining board members, Jerry George and Kelly Foye, as well as wonderful community volunteers, staff, and our families will continue to support WACA’s mission to provide profession, fun, affordable and nurturing arts opportunities for the community. Being part of WACA has been a dream come true. Even in the most difficult times, WACA has brought me joy and I hope has brought joy and growth to all we serve. I will miss being part of WACA and I will be only a text, email or call away for any questions or guidance that is needed. Most of all I will miss the children and their families that honored me with being part of their lives. I thank you all and I will miss you all.

My final wish for WACA before I leave is to support the organization by asking for donations of any size. I would love to be able to leave WACA in a strong financial position before I leave and your donations will help. In addition, we need volunteers and staff for shows, classes, camps, and administrative tasks. Please contact info@wacarts.com if you are interested in helping as volunteer or staff member.

Much Love,

Ms. Rebecca

Donate here https://buytickets.at/waca/518413


West Arundel Creative Arts (WACA) is a nonprofit arts organization with the goal to bring classes, events, performances, and arts of all kinds to Western Anne Arundel County. Even if you don’t live in West County, you are welcome to participate in our classes and shows, attend our events, or volunteer at our center of the arts.