Arts Education and School Work Monitoring

Tue Sep 8, 2020- December 18th, 2020

12:30-5:00pm -

Group Activities, online learning in coordination with school or homeschooling work, and choice of

Drawing, Crafts, Acting, Musical Theater, Dance, and Playwriting

Featuring staff from arts and educational backgrounds our classes include musical theater, dance, drawing, crafts, and more. In addition to arts classes we will provide private areas for each student to connect with their online learning through their school or with homeschool assignments or sites given to us for the student. Staff will be on hand to monitor, answer basic questions, and provide assistance whenever possible with all online learning needs. We will have a degreed education teacher onsite at all times along with other experienced staff. Students must provide their own laptop and headset for their online learning and must wear a mask everyday. We will provide pencils, paper, markers, crayons, pens, WIFI access, face shields, arts supplies for crafts or drawing class, and snacks. This exciting opportunity is limited to 18 students total each day with plans for 2,3, 4, or 5 days. Everyday is 4.5 hours and includes 2 arts classes per day, online learning, snack. Based upon our community survey we have priced our plan to meet most families

Registration is for the SEMESTER of Tue Sep 8, 2020-Fri Dec 18, 2020  12:30-5:00pm and may paid for in two payments or all at once.

2 days per week $175 per month over 40 hours per month   $350 2 installments/$650 full payment ($50 discount)

3 days per week $262 per month over 50 hours per month $525 2 installments /$950  full payment ($100 discount)

4 Days per week -$350 per month over 70 hours per month $700 2 installments/$1250 full payment ($150 discount)

5 days per week $438 per month- 98 hours per month,  $878 2 installments/$1575 full payment ($175 discount)

Musical Theater ages 5-12 is offered on Monday and Wednesdays , Musical Theater ages 8-18 is offered Tuesday and Thursdays. Attendee must attend BOTH days of musical theater. They can choose both 3 and 4 pm or may choose one or the other time for participation in musical theater. 

Class presentations, special themes and fun events on Fridays

All staff have received background checks and at least 1 person at all times is on site certified in first aid and CPR. Our Education Director will be on site at all times and serves with over 20 years experience in arts and education with credentitals that include a BA in Education from UMBC.

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