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DA Martial Elements

Martial Arts and Youth Development , 4 1/2 thru Adults

Instructor: Marco Johnson

All Ages Welcome (must be potty trained)

Watch for new camps

Da Martial Elements (DME) is an outreach organization teaching youth discipline through hip-hop, dance, and martial arts.


DA Martial Arts and Youth Development

Spring Session March 1st-May 31st

Special Pricing! $69.00

Classes Run for 4 weeks from your personal enrollment date-

attend up to 3 classes per student per week -same price; pay monthly if continuing for next 4 weeks,



The DME program is about blending traditional martial art movements with modern culture, while re-emphasizing the martial elements of martial arts. This program allows family members of all ages to not only learn how to express themselves through the music, movement, and culture while also taking advantage of the positive aspects of traditional martial arts skills and values. In addition to the traditional techniques, we also teach lifestyle brand that has revolutionized how to enhance healthy living through
family. It is a wholesome version of mixed martial arts with safety for all being the priority, along with building fitness, self-esteem, confidence and more. It is a program that every member of the family can do and all will benefit.

About Marco Johnson:

Marco “Ur Boy Da@nswer” Johnson has been a martial artist since day
one. His drive and determination are deep-rooted in values taught to him
through family, life lessons and a unique understanding of the legacy he intends
to leave in the martial arts and fitness communities. But it wasn’t enough to be
born into the martial arts. You have to want it. You have to continue wanting
it. Marco was inspired by the movies, like No Retreat, No Surrender, and
action stars of the time. It was at the age of 4 that he discovered his calling to
become a martial artist and entertainer. It’s something he thinks about every day
when he gets up to tackle the world.


For more information, contact Marco at Dmeathletics@gmail.com or 443.240.9692.