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The Rude Mechanicals

A chance meeting, a single dance can change a man's life - what he believes, who his friends are, whose advice he listens to. If the man happens to be a king, his country is swept along with his passions, leaving his courtiers, his archbishops and his queens to maneuver the unstable political landscape. This rarely performed play is infamous for excessive pageantry and pandering to royalty; strip away the glitz, and what's left is a very human drama of intrigue and duty, ambition and love.

Thursday, January 11 - 8pm (Pay What You Will)
Friday, January 12 - 8pm
Saturday January 13 - 8pm
Friday, January 19 - 8pm
Saturday, January 20 - 8pm

Henry VIII

Performed by the Rude Mechanicals 

Dates throughout January 2018 (see below); all performances at 8 p.m.