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WACA is proud to present theatrical opportunities for children and adults. We invite anyone with an interest in performing arts to audition for one of our shows or to get involved as a volunteer.

Upcoming Auditions

Auditions will be held
February 23rd 3:00pm (Sunday)
February 24th 6:30pm (Monday)
Callbacks (if needed) February 26th (Wednesday) 7:00pm
WACA Center for the Arts
1788 Dorsey Road Hanover, MD 21076

Actors need attend one audtion date
Ages: 5-17
Performance Dates: May 15th-24th (Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30pm, Saturdays and Sundays at 2:00pm)
Tech week is May 10th-14th

Rehearsals will be held Sundays 3:00-5:00pm
Tuesdays 6:30-8:00pm
Wednesdays 6:30-8:30 (every other week)

Actors will NOT be required to attend every rehearsal until
April 19th. Actors need to attend all rehearsals featuring their character throughout the rehearsal process so be prepared to attend 1-3 rehearsals per week depending on character.

Character Breakdown

Doctor John Dolittle- An eccentric country doctor who loves animals more than people. He is smart, passionate, driven and the consummate optimist, always looking for the best in every situation.

Madeline Mugg- Dolittle's sassy friend who thoroughly enjoys the adventures she goes on with Dolittle. Madeline is Dolittle's compatriot, sharing his love and views of animals.

Tommy Stubbins-A happy-go-lucky kid who idolizes Doctor Dolittle and enjoys playing with the animals

Emma Fairfax-A strong, tough woman who is willing to speak her mind. She learns to appreciate -Dolittle's love of animals and grows to have feelings for him.

General Bellowes -Emma's uncle and the magistrate of Puddleby-On-The-Marsh. An ill-tempered man with limited people skills, this non-singing role is perfect for a student with good stage presence and a powerful speaking voice.

Albert Blossom -A shrewd business man who owns a dilapidated touring circus. This curmudgeonly old guy is a nice character role.

Gertie Blossom -One tough cookie. She is Albert's wife and makes sure the circus runs the way she wants it to.

Berta, Vladimir, Mavis-workers in Blossom's circus.

Straight Arrow-A well-educated and passionate man living the life of a warrior chief on Popsipetel Island. He's warm and embracing to both humans and animals.

Bailiff -A small non-singing role

Villagers-All acquaintances of Doctor Dolittle.

Circus Folk-special skills, such as tumbling or juggling very helpful.

Warriors-Inhabitants of Popsipetel Island.

Polynesia-Doctor Dolittle's intelligent, spunky assistant: his right-hand parrot. She speaks in English with the Humans, and she is often the one with the answers.

Jip-Dolittle's ever-faithful dog.

Herbert-A quiet hedgehog who likes to sit in Doctor Dolittle's chair

Dab-dab-A pet duck. Cast a student who is a good mover and is willing to act a little goofy.

Toggle-A nearsighted plough-horse who comes to Doctor Dolittle for glasses. Toggle is one of the calmer animals, so keep that in mind when casting this role.

Sheila-A fox who has been hurt by a hunter's trap.

Pushmi-pullyu-A two-headed llama. This is a great featured-dancing role for two solid dancers

Rufus-Bellowes' big, energetic dog.

Chee-chee-A monkey who is capable of steering a ship.

Sophie-A seal and non-speaking role.

Additional Animals-In the opening number, Doctor Dolittle's clinic and in the "The Voice of Protest


Bailiff, Villagers, Circus Folk, Warriors, Additional Animals

What to Expect at Auditions

What to Expect at Auditions

Prepare 16-32 Counts of song to sing

Youtube has lots of free instrumental Karoake tracks you can use

or itunes 

Actors will be given short parts of the script to read aloud

we will have a short and simple dance/movment section

All who audition will be offered a part

You will be offered your role by Friday February 28th